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May 3

“Finding God using today’s modern physics is quite a task.  The author makes a valiant attempt in this book.”   

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, PhD. aka Dr. Quantum ®  Physicist, Best selling Author of The Spiritual Universe, Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe and many other books. 

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“The Copernican Revolution and the Great Reformation both occurred in the same era in history, and both had their roots in the Church. Science and the Spirit cannot be separated. For the Creator, the secrets of the universe are no mystery. God delights in hiding things so that we might delight in searching them out. From the days of the Copernican Revolution, to the days of Newtonian Physics, and on to the days of Quantum Physics, great clues to the mysteries of the Universe continue to unfold. How all of it connects to our journey in and with God is the “stuff” of Dr. John Luckey’s “ In Search Of A Quantum God”. Enjoy the journey John takes you on as you begin with the original explosive Big Bang to the creative, profound, mysterious explosions of God’s Presence in your own life.” 

Dr. Mark Chironna, best selling Author of, Beyond the Shadow of Doubt, Stepping into Greatness, Life Quest, and many other books.      Web Page:


March 19 · Edited

In the scientific community anyone with a half a brain knows that psychics and prophets are frauds right? That may be true to the rational, logical scientific side of our brains but does it reflect reality? Are we the victims of an educational system that has preformed a functional lobotomy on a generation of students? 

Einstein said Imagination was the path to understanding.
That involves the other side of the brain. I don't know about you but I need both sides of my brain to function in this modern world. Why have Spirituality and Science been divorced? How long will they remain locked in this civil war? 

It seems that in this state the search for truth is like a fighter in the ring with one of the Klitschko brothers or Manny Pacquiao but with one hand tied behind it's back. If truth is the goal then lets engage the entire brain and use all the available resources. We will in the New Book "In Search of a Quantum God" 

Yes I have known those who have had accurate premonitions and intuitive insights that defy explanation from the scientific side of the brain. Are they hearing from the Quantum God or extra terrestrials ...or are they just nuts? Get a copy of " In Search of a Quantum God" For an honest full brain look at the subject. 

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What if long ago and far away...There was nothing...Stretching from here to there, which was nowhere, because there was nothing... Yet you could just sense "everything" out there somewhere, no everywhere...yet it was nowhere...Yet again you could feel a presence, a pure potentiality of everything, just beyond your reach. 

Suddenly you're struck with a powerful concussion, but just before you are struck with it, you see what appears to be giant sphere of energy & light , and then you are sent reeling head over heels through out an expanding universe-galaxies appear on all sides as you are swept through the rapidly expanding Cosmos. 

What was that Loud noise? What or Who was that ball of energy & light, that field of pure potentiality that you saw for a moment? That moment just before the "Frequencies" were applied to it and the great concussion hit you as it expanded and transformed the energy into mass throughout the ever growing Cosmos...What was that? 

Join countless others around the world and find out... "In Search of a Quantum God" The Blockbuster new book about to be released will point you towards the answers that have been there all along. Why "block buster"? It will bust the blocks that have prevented you from seeing...the Quantum God.

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The Author....

BREAKTHROUGH: Reported from Science Alert: Physicists have just announced they've found a twist in light from the Big Bang that represents the first image of gravitational waves in the universe. If confirmed, the discovery is direct proof of the theory of inflation - the idea that the universe expanded extremely quickly in the first fraction of a second after it was born. More research will be needed to confirm the find, made from a telescope at the South Pole, but this could be a field-changing breakthrough for astronomy, cosmology and physics. It's a great day for science!



Recently two Russian Scientists have uncovered a secret alliance between the sciences's of Physics and Biology. First they introduced photons into a vacuum tube and as predicted by Quantum Physics they formed a random pattern on the collection screen on the other end. Then they introduced a single strand of human DNA to the vacuum tube and again fired the photons through the vacuum....This time the photons aligned themselves's with great order around the strand of DNA. They surrounded and mimicked it's shape...a double Helix of photons! Has the Rabbit hole of Quantum Physics invaded the Matrix of Biology or the other way around? Where did this order originate? Find out some possible answers in Chapt. 4 of "In Search of a Quantum God" Please like our site to receive a VIP notification before the book is released....Coming soon!
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